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March 2015:  “As a past recipient of the food shelf, it is my pleasure to now pay it forward.  I went back to school and am now employed with a great company in a new career.  Thank you so much for the services provided to us in the past and a BIG Thank You to all of the volunteers.  May God Bless you all.  I have set up a monthly recurring payment to the food shelf of $25.”

January 2015:  I was happy to read the letter about the rule change for children. It has been becoming more ‘crazy’ in the waiting area and hallway with more parents not controlling their kids. Thank You!

August 2014:  “Last year was really hard on my family of five. Our youngest child was in the hospital multiple times and the bills just kept piling up. I was home so much with our youngest, I lost my job. My husband’s employer had to cut their hours to maintain the company. My husband had to go out and find a second job which isn’t easy. The bills kept piling up and pretty soon we found ourselves sitting down every month to see what could be paid, what got minimum payment and what had to wait.

I was running out of options and couldn’t afford the healthy food I wanted for my children. Our medical bills had to be paid! I found myself really struggling with being able to buy food.  My husband and I talked about using the food shelf so we could use our money for other bills but he was dead set against it. ‘Food shelves are for poor people; we’re not poor’.  Each month got harder and harder. Finally, when there wasn’t any food in the house, I had to go to the food shelf.

The volunteer at the desk sat there and listened while I cried my eyes out because my husband didn’t want me to come. She told me that my children needed food; that I and my husband needed food and that’s the one thing they could do for us! It was such a relief to be able to talk to someone and not be judged about using the food shelf. The people there made me feel welcomed and didn’t judge me because I was there for my family.

We’ve been able to get back on our feet with help from our family but we couldn’t have done it without the help and support of the food shelf. These people are there to help and whether they know it or not, to support us, in the community, when we need it.  My family and I can’t thank you enough for what you do. ”                            A grateful client.


June 2014: “I use the food shelf only when I have too. I know its there for me every month but I don’t feel right using it if I don’t need too. This summer, my husband ended up in the hospital and the medical bills really put us behind. The food shelf has this summer kids bag program and a weekend meal program which really helped us a lot. My children are younger and seem to be constantly eating so the extra food really helped us through a difficult time.  I’ll have to use the food shelf a few more months until my husband can get back to work but it takes a lot off my mind to know its there when I need it.”  Thank you.


June 2014:  “I am living with my single parent daughter and her 2 children. My husband’s employment industry fell out and when he works, its maybe a week every three months. I suffered a major stroke six years ago and survived to only find out I now have cancer. I’m unable to afford any insurance so all my cancer treatments are out of pocket. Due to my choice of dealing with my cancer, the county is not assisting me in any way. Due to my health problems, I’m unable to work and if I could, doubt there would be any room in the employment arena for us older folks.  I feel fortunate to have volunteers who work at the food shelf and for those who donated to it. Everyone is always very kind in making my visit and life experience easier for me.  God Bless you all and thank you.  I could not survive without you. “


March 2014: The Big Lake Food Shelf has made a huge, positive impact in my life. Everyone I have had an opportunity to come in contact with have always been very friendly, pleasant and non-judgmental.  They always give me more than I could ever expect to receive.   Blessings to you all.  


Working with the staff of the BLCFS was a blast! I enjoyed my time volunteering!